Beyond Lied - A desire for more

Despite some valuable initiatives, the classical concert scene is lagging well behind social reality. The repertoire is dominated by the same old white, male composers, and from a narrow temporal window from the classical period to the middle of the 20th century at the latest. With "Beyond Lied", the IHWA wants to raise awareness of how much and how many great things we are missing out on - and above all make repertoire beyond the established canon accessible and tangible. Lied is relevant, Lied is topical and Lied touches us all - these are not theses, but facts, which we present vividly on the following pages.

Der ganze Hugo Wolf

16 concerts, 36 artists (28 singers, 7 pianists, 1 actor), 316 different art songs by Hugo Wolf and well over 1.000 minutes of music - that is the impressive result of an extraordinary journey that began in March 2016 and came to an end almost exactly seven years later, in March 2023: Der ganze Hugo Wolf! In the course of these 16 concerts, almost all of Hugo Wolf's art songs were performed live at least once.

As part of the extensive audiovisual documentation of the series, a multimedia catalog of Hugo Wolf's songs is being created here.

Der Mensch muss eine Heimat haben

As part of the commemorative year "1700 Jahre jüdisches Leben in Deutschland", this extensive multimedia and educational program was created around the musical-literary evening "Ich sang um mein Leben", which focuses on the life and survival story of Judith Schneiderman. The literary voice of Judith Schneiderman and the musical voice of her daughter Helene bring lived history to life in a new way.

Musical, literary and historical education flow into each other here and are brought into a clear current relationship with the present. The project was funded as part of the 2021 anniversary year "1700 Jahre jüdisches Leben in Deutschland".

Singing Justice Conference

Justice and diversity in vocal music - these were the main aims of the Singing Justice Conference. With the hybrid symposium, the Internationale Hugo-Wolf-Akademie Stuttgart initiated the urgently needed debate about more diversity in the art song repertoire. During two intensive days in early November 2022, talks, panel discussions, master classes, workshops and concerts shed light on the music of Black composers.

A cooperation project with the research group "Singing Justice: Recovering the African American Voice in Song" at the University of Michigan (USA) and the Hampsong Foundation.