As a member of the International Hugo Wolf Academy (IHWA), you help to secure a place for the art song in the music and concert landscape of the 21st century. The Academy's events are aimed at all friends of the art of song, singing and poetry, as well as those interested in culture and those curious to discover the world of song for themselves.

In the "International Hugo Wolf Academy" association, you make an important contribution to continuing our work and expanding it for the future. In doing so, you enable us to continue our commitment to the Lied and to organize recitals and the International Lied Art Competition.



Discounted ticket prices for all IHWA events - regular information about IHWA events and activities - exclusive concert and work introductions - special events for members (e.g. artist talks, lectures and much more) - meet like-minded people - exchange ideas - enjoy song and promote culture together.

Members also have the opportunity to receive two additional tickets for an event free of charge once per season - as a recommendation for relatives, friends and acquaintances. This offer is valid within the framework of a ticket contingent provided for this purpose.