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3. Liedkonzert

Kai Kluge (tenor)

Melania Kluge (piano)

Tenor Kai Kluge brings the world of the Comedian Harmonists to the foyer of the Stuttgart Opera House.

"Drum sei doch nicht betrübt, wenn dein Schatz dich nicht mehr liebt" is the title of this song concert, which features songs, chansons and operetta arias from the 1920s and 30s as well as well-known hits by the Comedian Harmonists.

Foyer Opera Hous, Staatstheater

Start: 19:30

4. Liedkonzert

Moritz Kallenberg (tenor)

Rita Kaufman (piano)

Songs by Hanns Eisler, Richard Strauss, Frederic Mompou and Gottfried von Einem

Foyer Opera Hous, Staatstheater

Start: 19:30


Julian Prégardien (tenor)

Neus Estarellas (piano)

Songs by Franz Schubert and others.

Schubert's Winterreise is one of the most famous musical journeys. Its setting is a familiar wintry European landscape. This recital presents a global "Winterreise", combining songs by composers from South America to Japan, from Nigeria to Alaska and poems from various traditions with Schubert's original music: a winter journey for the 21st century.

Concert Hall, HMDK Stuttgart

Start: 18:00

5. Liedkonzert

Rachael Wilson (mezzo-soprano)

Simon Lepper (piano)

Program follows.

Foyer Opera Hous, Staatstheater

Start: 19:30

Liedmatinee: Hugo-Wolf-Medaille

Christian Gerhaher (baritone)

Gerold Huber (piano)

Christiane Iven (laudatory speech)

Songs by Hugo Wolf

What was already planned for June 2022 will now finally take place at this festive matinee: the awarding of the Hugo Wolf Medal to the "world's greatest song partnership" (New York Times), baritone Christian Gerhaher and pianist Gerold Huber.

Opera House, Staatstheater

Start: 11:00

Hommage à Goethe

Kateryna Kasper (soprano)

Johannes Kammler (baritone)

Marcelo Amaral (piano)

Goethe songs by Franz Schubert, Robert Schumann, Hugo Wolf, Charles Ives, Hanns Eisler and others.

Few poets have inspired as many composers as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe! This song recital in the beautiful Art Nouveau ambience of the Ludwigsburg Musikhalle brings together Goethe settings from three centuries and a wide variety of nations.

Musikhalle Ludwigsburg

Start: 19:00

6. Liedkonzert

Members of the International Opera Studio

Vlad Iftinca (piano)

Program follows.

Foyer Opera Hous, Staatstheater

Start: 19:30

Freiheit! Freiheit?

Günther Groissböck (bass)

Julius Drake (piano)

Songs by Franz Schubert, Carl Loewe, Richard Strauss and Gustav Mahler

Freedom is a precious and unfortunately far from self-evident good! The theme of this song program could not be more topical and urgent and covers a wide range of perspectives, thoughts and facets of freedom, from Schubert's songs of the gods Prometheus and Ganymede to Mahler's Urlicht.

Lecture Hall, Staatsgalerie

Start: 19:30


Jochen Kupfer (baritone)

Marcelo Amaral (piano)

Songs by Franz Schubert, Robert Schumann, Richard Strauss, Hans Sommer, Alban Berg and others.

"Wandering stands for searching, the search for happiness, for one's place in life," says baritone Jochen Kupfer. Together with his pianist Marcelo Amaral, he embarks on a journey through life in this excitingly conceived song program and wanders through all the stages of human existence.

Lecture Hall, Staatsgalerie

Start: 19:30

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