The International Art Song Competition Stuttgart is one of the oldest and most traditional competitions of its kind in the German-speaking world. Initially held in Vienna, and since 1987 in Stuttgart, it has gained an international reputation over the past almost four decades and has produced numerous young artists as awardees who have shaped our concert life today.

It is most difficult and requires the greatest art and skill "to pour a great content into a small form", as Gustav Mahler once put it. This applies not only to the process of composition, but also to interpretation. Art song, one of the smallest and most personal musical genres, is also one of the most demanding. It requires the highest technical and vocal flexibility and at the same time a deep understanding of the texts set to music, which must be filled with life solely through the musical interpretation in voice and piano.

It is one of the most vivid examples of the topicality and relevance of art song in the 21st century. Every two years, numerous committed and song-loving young artists from all over the world come together in Stuttgart to present their skills in front of an experienced and renowned jury and a large audience. You can't imagine a better ambassador for the art song than these young singers and pianists! Their enthusiasm and passion for song are the guarantee and the future of this art form.

13th International Art Song Competition Stuttgart: 20 - 25 September 2022

Awardees 2022:

1st prize: Theodore Platt & Keval Shah

2nd prize: Alexander Grassauer & Mauro Filippo Zappalà

3rd prize: Zhuohan Sun & Yuriko Watanabe


Special prize for special pianistic achievement: Victoria Guerrero Misas

Special prize for best interpretation of a contemporary song: Katja Maderer & Amadeus Wiesensee

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Jury 2022:

Olaf Bär (Chairman)

Bernarda Fink

Soile Isokoski

Birgid Steinberger

Robert Holl

Graham Johnson

Wolfram Rieger

12th International Art Song Competition Stuttgart: 29 September - 04 October 2020

Awardees 2020:

1st prize: Konstantin Ingenpass & Hyun-hwa Park

2nd prize: Małgorzata Rocławska & Olga Wien

3rd prize: Ekaterina Chayka-Rubinstein & Maria Yulin


Recognition prizes:

Ronan Caillet & Malte Schäfer, Yuriy Hadzetskyy & Alina Shevchenko


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Jury 2020:

Brigitte Fassbaender (Chairwoman)

Birgid Steinberger

John Mark Ainsley

Olaf Bär

Andreas Schmidt

Julius Drake

Wolfram Rieger

11th International Art Song Competition Stuttgart: 18 - 23 September 2018

Awardees 2018:

1st prize: Mikhail Timoshenko & Elitsa Desseva

2nd prize: Alex Rosen & Michał Biel

3rd prize: Irina Jae-Eun Park & Dokyung Han, Klaudia Tandl & Gisela Jöbstl


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Jury 2018:

Brigitte Fassbaender (Chairwoman)

Birgid Steinberger

Olaf Bär

Werner Güra

Håkan Hagegård

Susan Manoff

Graham Johnson

10th International Art Song Competition Stuttgart: 20 - 25 September 2016

Awardees 2016:

1st prize: Ilker Arcayürek & Fiona Pollak

2nd prize: Stuart Jackson & Jocelyn Freeman

3rd prize: Samuel Hasselhorn & Renate Rohlfing


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Jury 2016:

Birgid Steinberger (Chairwoman)

Ann Murray

Robert Holl

Peter Schreier

Kurt Widmer

Graham Johnson

Wolfram Rieger